Download Npackd for Windows 64 bit .msi

32 bit, .zip, command line tool downloads, etc.

Npackd (pronounced "unpacked") is a GPLv3 licensed installer/application store/package manager/marketplace for applications for Windows. It helps you to find and install software, keep your system up-to-date and uninstall it if no longer necessary. The process of installing and uninstalling applications is completely automated (silent or unattended installation and un-installation).

Find and install software in minutes

The default repository contains over 1000 packages free for personal use. You can also easily host your own repository.

No adware, toolbars, etc.

The default repositories only contain packages that do not install unrelated software.

Easy and fast installation from the command line

Run the following command as administrator in cmd.exe:

msiexec.exe /qb- /i

Some useful commands

ncl add -p Firefox
ncl search -q java
ncl help


A simple but powerful user interface is also available.


Source code

The source code is licensed under GPLv3 and is available on Github: